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Johnny Miller Served by the Golden Bear

Here at NLU, it is our privilege–nay, it is our mission and duty to share scenes like this:

Hey Johnny, Jack doesn’t care about your 63 at the US Open.


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4 responses to “Johnny Miller Served by the Golden Bear

  1. No being old enough to see Jack in his prime, this video marks about the only time I have ever really like Jack. This was awesome. Suck it Johnny.

    1. It’s a rare view into how Jack interacts with fellow hall-of-famers, an interesting dichotomy to the polished Jack we see in the booth at the Memorial.

  2. If Johnny was in the booth for this one, it probably would’ve gone something like this:
    Miller: “Rog, if Jack attempted this putt 137 times I don’t think he’d make it more than twice. It’s just right down the fall-line.”
    Maltbie: “Yeah, Johnny, this putt is right down the fall-line. There’s no way he makes this.”
    Koch: “Especially not with that bootleg putting stance.”
    (Jack drains it)
    Miller: “That was the luckiest putt I’ve seen this year. Not nearly as impressive as when I shot 63 in the final round of the Open.”

  3. If I’m Johnny, I absolutely go full-blown flop shot after that freak show.

    You want me to putt it? Give me a rubber-headed mallet and put a windmill out there.

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