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Can you say Hozzle Rocket?

In honor of Webb’s first shank of the year, we dug this video up from the top of the search results for best shanks on YouTube. Make sure you have headphones, Feherty and Peter Kostis ┬áreacting is worth the price of admission.

A couple thoughts:

  • We shouldn’t dog Paula Creamer. She was in the bunker. And she’s a sass.
  • Big Cat’s Shank is the definition of a Hozzle Rocket…FIRE THE LASER! #ProjectVulcan
  • The best one has to be Mahan. While our boys in the booth (and Rog out on location) are slobbing his ‘consistent ball striking,’ Mahan promptly fouls one into the first base dugout.



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2 responses to “Can you say Hozzle Rocket?

  1. 2 things:
    1) Mahans shank is unbelievable. What makes it even more amazing is I recall this WGC Match Play Event and after that calamity he shimmies up to the tee box and stuffs it for a kick in par to halve the hole, glorious.

    2) I had to run a search for this shank as it is my personal favorite:
    A few thoughts: somewhat surprising Strick doesn’t foul off a few more each year, he’s got that funny herky jerky waggle and hovers his club dangerously close to the neck prior to his takeaway. Also, McCord calling it a “dead shank”…if you don’t think that’s funny then you don’t know funny. Lastly, the protracer is just incredible. God I love golf.

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