NLU Podcast, Episode 105: Club Pro Guy

From a legendary career on the mini tour circuit in Mexico, to the glory of the life of a club pro. With his identity masked as he avoids the chase of the Mexican cartels, the Club Pro Guy sits down with us for a revealing account of his days on “La Gira,” to managing the pro shop at his local club. From the art of the punch out, three failed marriages, and a lifetime’s worth of apparel at cost, CPG takes us on a wild ride in his own words for the first time. If you’re not already, please make sure to follow the Club Pro Guy on Twitter.

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About the Author

Inventor of #TourSauce, always waits for the green to clear, and club twirl savant.

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  • Believer

    Thats your best work yet. He must be a legend in Mexico.
    Great stuff Soly.
    Cheers Steady
    Albury, Australia

  • John Dunagan

    I’m in tears laughing. That was legendary.

  • Michael J Driscoll Jr

    Best podcast ever

  • Not gonna lie, it took me a few minutes to realize this was satire haha..

  • datou1

    Kari Webb has no problem scoring with the ladies… LOL

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