Tiger Woods and Donald Trump will Tee It Up Together Friday at Trump International

I received a surprising phone call earlier this week  telling me about this golf outing and I was asked to “sit on it a couple of days” before writing about it. Listen, I’m firmly in the camp of Emily Post that my political beliefs are mine to discuss when I see fit, which I see fit to never do. This isn’t about politics. It’s about how Golf is one of the last remaining sports where decorum and respect, which are so greatly needed in society today, are still alive and well. In previous years it hasn’t been a big deal that Tiger Woods is golfing with a President, he’s done it with the three prior. However, it’s Donald Trump so therefore it’s different and everyone will have a scorching hot take about it.

You couldn’t pay me to break down my political thoughts on these two’s jaunt around the track and “what does it mean?” The most important thing to me is that Tiger Woods and the game of golf are respecting the President-elect. Listen carefully, it doesn’t matter how Tiger Woods voted or what he thinks of Donald Trump. What matters is that he’s one of the most famous athletes on the planet and he is respecting the office of the President-elect of the United States. A President-elect who extended an invitation to come golf his ball with him. That’s it. Tiger Woods is putting aside all political thoughts, I don’t even know what his political stance is nor do I care, to set an example. He’s using his fame for a positive. If it takes Tiger Woods golfing with Donald Trump for this country to start to realize that we can all come together, even when social media and celebrities are telling us otherwise, to make changes then let them golf every single day.

Now that I’m off of my soap box and my twitter mentions are likely to turn into a cesspool, let’s get to the important stuff. Here is my list of all of the things I believe they should discuss……

  • NO WHITE BELTS. They are both offenders, but if Tiger does it, most will follow suit
  • If you yell “In the hole” on a par 5 tee shot, you should receive a ticket similar to a speeding ticket
  • If you yell “mashed potatoes” after a tee shot, you should be banned from the course.
  • Wearing golf shoes to a tournament you are not playing in should not be just a suggestion, but a rule.
  • Sunday Red is for Tiger and Tiger only. If you start breaking his records, we’ll discuss.
  • Pro Tracer should be required in order to air golf coverage
  • Twenty Five meaningful golf shots an hour should be the minimum required to be shown during coverage.
  • Let’s pick up the pace of play a little bit, get a little pep in your step going.
  • Walk up songs on Sunday on the first tee should be considered, I truly believe this has untapped potential.
  • If you win two events in a season, nobody is allowed to suggest you had a “down” year.
  • Danny Lee should be required to snapchat at least 4 times a day. It’s gold.

Feel free to suggest other topics worthy for their discussion. Please save your “scorching hot political takes” and “well I think this is what this means.” It’s the holidays, go enjoy and be glad that you live in the U.S. of A.

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  • McAlpineOLU

    Nice write up Dude or Dudette. (Is it Mattilda or Matthew?) Let’s include on the list of items T and T should discuss –
    No more lines on the golf ball for lining up putts. It’s an abomination.
    Normal collars on golf shirts. No more of these Chinese-style collars that Rory and Tiger wore. NLU has a nice line of golf shirts that serve as a fine example of what to wear.
    Range finders in competition.
    No lining up of players by the caddies. This is common practice in the LPGA but seen in men’s golf now. All tours should ban this shit.
    Tiger’s mom is Thai. Stop referring to him as African American because if that’s the case we should start calling Obama white, like his mother.
    I feel like I’m missing something.

    • nice hat, you get a bowl of soup with that?

      • McAlpineOLU

        I respect your opinion, but as for extras, you’ll have to talk to my agent

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