in Lou of, Episode 3: Keith Mitchell

Keith Mitchell, who is an absolute treat from the Web.Com tour is on the pod this week. He’s got a whole new vocab for you to use as you head home for the holidays.

We did a recap of everything that’s been happening in the world of golf this last week, which is not much. Bubba switched to a presumed mud-ball resistant ball and Phil the Thrill had a second sports hernia surgery. Have to say that nobody saw the second one coming. Update: I was giving Figjam too much time to recover. He’s committed to the Farmer’s Insurance Open, so big thumbs up to that.

DAD-BOD-OF-THE-MONTH: This is new this month, brought to you by I’m a HUGE fan of the Dad-Bod and have an incredible appreciation for it. It is the ultimate power move in my book. I digress, this month’s Dad-Bod Winner is none other than Jason Dufner, and It would be wrong for it to be anyone else. All of thisĀ is explained in great detail on the podcast.

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